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My absolute favorite novel is The Count of Monte Christo by Alexander Dumas. I first completed this daunting work in 9th grade and have been in love with Edmund Dante ever since. Mercedes was the love of Edmund’s life. Following the betrayal that took him away from her, seemingly forever, she found herself in the position of needing to marry, and the most likely suitor was Edmund’s best friend, which turned out to be probably the worst choice she could have made. This poor lady needed a lot of comfort throughout her life. I have discovered that lemon balm has so much more going for it than I thought. This herb from the mint family is highly regarded as a de-stressor and comforting herb. Bee balm, as well as its anti microbial and digestive properties, is also very soothing to the nervous system, making it a wonderful tea to pair with lemon balm.  A bit of rosehips and lavender creates a bit of brightness for the dreariest of days.   I think even Mercedes would have found some comfort with this blend.



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