“Spring brights new growth. Weed out the bad and make room for something beautiful!”

I started this post last week. I had a few updates to add before posting it. I hope this post finds everyone healthy, maybe a bit more rested, and finding beneficial ways to stay busy and active during this time. I see so much good happening in our country right now, it helps to balance out the worry and sadness.

It was a beautiful day today, blue skies, not too cold, and not raining!!  That certainly was nice for a change, although we are due for more rain in the days ahead.   It was nice to start getting things done on Holland Girl Farm. 

We went to pick up the river rock for my chicken coop today.  This is the preferred substrate of The Chicken Chick. You can find a great article here. We were walking out the door and I got a text from my daughter saying the governor of Indiana had just announced a “shelter at home” order due to the COVID-19 situation.  We left immediately in case the stone company  would close soon (the order didn’t take place immediately, so we weren’t being bad citizens or anything. Haha!)  I told  the guy at the stone company that I was pre-purchasing toilet paper for my chickens.  Haha!!  They will be ready to move into the coop in about 3 weeks, and I really don’t want to keep them in the house any longer than necessary.  I mean, they aren’t that much trouble, and they are fun to watch, but I am looking forward to moving them outside.

Here they are. They have gotten so big these last 3 weeks!

Anyway, we brought home about a ton and a half, and then Jack and I shoveled it out of the truck.  That was lots of fun (haha), but it wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be.  I may have gotten too much, but I’ll have plenty and more to add or replace as necessary. 

He suggested putting down a concrete slab to put the coop on.  It would make it more secure from predators and be much easier to clean when I replace the sand twice each year.  It’s nice that he is starting to show an interest in my chicken adventure.  He was not amused when I decided to bring them home. 

After that, he suggested cutting down a large limb to provide more light to my herb garden, so he got out the big ladder and long handled chain saw (I don’t know what it’s called) and it came down.  It may make quite a difference for my herbs this year. I usually have to plan my garden around the amount of sun each section gets.   

Jack’s main focus these weeks that he’s off is to get my downstairs kitchen completed.  This is so exciting because once life gets back to normal (and I pray it will sooner rather than later) I need to be able to get my business back on track. Having the new floor and dishwasher in my dedicated gluten and dairy free kitchen will open up new doors for me! But first, lots of cleaning and organizing will need to be done. So back to the floor!

He got the concrete needed to level the floor for the tile (oh yeah – I helped unload that off the truck today too.  I think I should sleep well tonight!) and he says he will start tomorrow afternoon since it’s supposed to rain. 

Friday:  And so it begins.  Here area a few pictures  of the process.  And yes, that’s me helping to mix the concrete. 

Smoothing out the concrete.
Have to get it just right, not too wet or too dry!

So while we’re working (and mixing concrete is HARD, heavy work), Jack mentions that Harbor Freight has a small mixer that people have rated very highly.  He said it can do about 2 bags at a time.  I asked why we don’t have one!  He said he plans to get one when he does some work out by the road.  Well, I let him know I thought he should get it now!  I reminded him about the concrete pad for the chicken coop.  He thought about it and realized I was right – and he went out today and bought one!  We’ll try it out tomorrow!


I don’t have any affiliates set up yet, so I’m not getting any money for this. Just thought it is a great idea!! I think it will really speed up the process, which is great!! (Product Review: it definitely speeds up the process and does a great job mixing the concrete. I do have to add, however, that you may want to buy a few 5mm Woodruff keys as the one that came with it disintegrated the first time he used it. He also had to modify it a bit as the tumbler was a bit off center. There’s a reason he continues to have great success as a Quality Control liaison – first, he’s great at fixing and modifying ANYTHING, and there are ALWAYS quality issues…) Once he worked the bugs out, he was able to complete the job in a very short time, without my help!! I call that a win for both of us! :o)

So, now I’m heading to bed – tomorrow will be another day, staying home and staying busy. Take some time out to call a Dear Friend, then grab some Good Food and enjoy your day!

Until next time –


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