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So if you’re going to end a blog post with a teaser for the next post, you probably need to actually give the answer in the next post.

Last week I challenged you to see if you could figure out why tapioca starch has become the industry standard if it has so little to offer to the consumer. If you guessed that it’s cheaper, then ding-ding! You are the winner!

There were some variations, but at most websites, including price comparison sites, tapioca starch ran between $1-2 dollars cheaper for 15 serving bags. At the Bob’s Red Mill site, 25 pound bags of tapioca starch are $11 cheaper than GF oat flour. Maybe not a huge difference, but it certainly could explain why it’s so popular with manufacturers.

It could also be because it looks a lot like regular flour, and it does provide the look of baked goods with regular flour. But we need to get past appearances and focus on our health. It’s why we needed to change to gluten free, isn’t it? And if there is a flour out there that protects our health, tastes great, and provides additional health benefits, it’s definitely worth checking out!

Ok – enough on tapioca starch. On to more pleasant topics for next week’s post. Puppies and some big news if I remember correctly.

Now I need to puppy-proof my house! Have a great rest of the week!


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